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The ISIL Standard Identifiers of Finnish Libraries

You can search the ISIL registry by selecting a suitable option from the drop-down menu and entering a query into the search field.
The query is automatically truncated and capitalization is ignored. An empty search returns a complete list of ISIL identifiers.


It is also possible to query the ISIL-database via a REST API. The responses are served in JSON format. A query without parameters returns a full list of registered ISIL identifiers. The API supports the following parameters:


The name of the organization


The city of cities where the organization is active


ISIL identifier


The former common catalogue identifier, if such exists


The possible former names of the organization

An example query http://isil.kansalliskirjasto.fi/api/query?cities=pukkila would return the following response:

  "data" : 
            "name":"Pukkilan kunnankirjasto",